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Through a Genuine, Personal Desire to Help People Achieve Their Real Estate Investment Goals
About Pat Kent
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Why Choose Pat Kent

“Real Estate Investment is about more than just numbers. It’s about your future, it’s about building relationships, and ultimately, it’s about trust."


Trust Isn't Given, It's Earned

With a focus on building relationships, Pat Kent is deeply committed to his clients. This genuine and personal investment in each individual has allowed Pat to forge deeply-committed, long-lasting relationships that have spanned decades. In turn, Pat has become his clients' most relevant and trusted advisor.


Nothing Can Replace Experience

With three decades under his belt, Pat has navigated a vast multitude of transactions and market trend scenarios. It is this storied experience that allows Pat to expertly guide his clients with detailed knowledge and superior advice that cannot be replicated.


Where Intelligence & Instinct Meet

In today's world of real estate, having the information edge is key to spotting emerging trends and creating outstanding opportunities. Pat Kent's deep understanding of the ever-evolving real estate market and knowledge of long-term investment strategies has allowed him to confidently secure the futures of his client base.

Buyers & Sellers

Buying or Selling

Whether you are interested in buying or selling an investment property, Pat has the information and know-how you need to match your investment and lifestyle goals.


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